How to Choose Office Commercial Flooring

Office commercial flooring options include several more choices than ever. Many office building owners can opt for traditional commercial carpeting or luxury vinyl flooring, or venture into commercial wood flooring for the workplace. These are just some of the many types of office commercial flooring that can look great and last for years. Although not every office setting is the same. Your particular workplace may require different office commercial flooring than another office due to differences in floor plans, anticipated use, and other factors. The following considerations can help you choose the perfect office commercial flooring that will suit your workplace needs.

Identify the Area’s Purpose

Offices aren’t just a single or few rooms with desks and computers anymore. There can be break lounges, kitchenette areas, conference rooms, cafeterias, and more. In most cases, you’re likely to choose multiple types of office commercial flooring in order to pick different ones that work best in each area of the office. Places where food is more likely to be handled should have spill-proof and easy to clean floors. The general working or lounging area could have something more comfortable, pleasant, and even refined. Carpet and hardwood floorings could work well here.

Will It Hold Up to Foot Traffic?

How much foot traffic does your office workplace face on any given day? Do you see a lot of walk-in customers and hold plenty of client visits? Or is it only the same number of employees who come into work every day? Depending on your answers, you may want to choose a flooring option that is less prone to showing signs of wear and tear. Additionally, you probably need to take extra steps to extend your flooring life in high-foot-traffic areas, such as entrances or main lobbies.

Consider the Office Floor Plan

The layout of your workplace should influence your office commercial flooring investment too. Consider how today’s office trends reflect the open-plan design. With fewer walls and other partitions to break up the space, sounds can carry and echo. Carpeting and luxury vinyl could help dampen phone calls and conversations. In addition, you can enhance your office’s unique floor plan by opting to coordinate or contrast flooring types or patterns in different areas.

Remember Maintenance Needs

Of course, never forget to factor in any maintenance commitments when selecting your office commercial flooring. You’ll want to choose something that can hide messes but still stand up to frequent cleaning. This helps maintain a professional appearance in your workplace. Think about long-term services you’ll need, such as deep cleaning or polishing. How much are you willing to pay to replace or repair parts of the flooring? All these maintenance considerations can create unexpected expenses for your business if you don’t plan for these in the first place.

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